Grouts & Anchors

Al Falah Chemical’s cement and epoxy resin grouts consistently outperform industry standards. Whatever structure you’re putting in place, we have the product to give it the ultimate connection and foundation for long term durability. 

Our ALFAGROUT  range has been leading the market when it comes to dependable precision grouting, due to its exceptional flow, stability and strength. It’s strong enough for heavy duty projects such as the grouting of wind turbine bases, and can provide superior quality grouting for high precision applications, such as the total encapsulation of post tensioned cables.

Al Falah Chemical’s resin anchors are industry-leading adhesive systems for the structural fixing of reinforcement and threaded rod. They can tolerate dry, damp and wet conditions and are suitable for fixing into hollow masonry and cracked concrete. Accredited to the highest standards, they can be used in seismic areas and are able to accommodate some of the highest loads in the market.

Our robust, site-ready formulations deliver cost-effective, consistent, and technically superior solutions, whatever the scale of your project.