Industrial Flooring

We understand that your floors are often literally the base on which your business is built, so we ensure we get things right from the ground up.

Al Falah Chemicals collaborates with all parties involved in your project to deliver complete industrial flooring solutions. We make sure all aspects of design and performance are factored in at the start, and will partner with you at every stage of the process. When it comes to solving floor problems, AFC leads the way with our range of innovative products.

A damaged or incorrectly installed floor surface can cause serious issues with efficiency, safety and hygiene, not to mention the cost of repair. Getting it right first time takes a thorough understanding of the environment, the best possible design, the most suitable choice of product, and the correct installation. That’s where Al Falah Chemicals really excels because we’re more than just a supplier – we offer solutions and technical advice, whatever your flooring project.

We can tailor our solutions to projects of any size and scale, with our wide range of cementitious and resin-based technologies, including epoxy, polyurethane. We also work with a range of selected applicators to ensure the end result meets your expectations. We’re always researching and evaluating new products and technologies so that we can deliver the very best industrial flooring and decking solutions to customers across the Pakistan.